About me


I was born in Israel and spent most of my twenties in Tel Aviv before deciding to come to Canada with my husband Eyal and our son Ofri. Israel is a vibrant society but it is also a stressful one. We all live with stress, whether due to work, family obligations and expectations, or trauma that impacts our daily life. Any change is both thrilling and challenging; the goal is learning how we can grow embracing change. I have been practicing yoga for fifteen years and teaching yoga for close to ten years. Ashtanga yoga is my chosen path and it has made all the difference in my life.

In class I love to apply different styles of yoga and have the sensibility and open heart to make yoga approachable to almost anyone.
Good alignment, breath and body positive awareness are my guidelines.

I believe the practice of yoga should be working for you and not you working for the practice.
Ashtanga yoga is like coming home to me, it’s familiar and there my mind can rest.

I have more than 500 hours of teacher training from around the world and I continue to be inspired by many methods and teachers I meet along the way.