Liat is the one who introduced me to the world of yoga.

From the very first lesson a year and a half ago until today, Liat has guided me every step of the way. With immense patience she has taught me to nurture my body and soul, to know and to love them. She taught me to view yoga as a way of life and not just as a physical activity.

In spite of breaks in my coming to yoga lessons, Liat, always personally attentive, would remember my limitations and the stage at which I was in my yoga practice.
A lesson with Liat is relaxed and pleasant. Calmly she begins a practice session. Attuned to her students, she steadily brings them to a peaceful state of mind where they need to be to begin practicing. Her lessons are dynamic at the same time as their pace and intensity are adapted to the mood and level of the group. She ends a lesson as she began. Calmly she brings her students to a state of full relaxation creating in oneself a feeling of a new start to the day.

During the past year, I was badly injured (not connected to yoga). In spite of the injury I wanted to continue practicing yoga and Liat capably adapted her teaching to the new conditions of my disability.

Liat is knowledgeable and extremely professional. When she is teaching a group of students who are at different levels of yoga, she always succeeds in answering the individual’s and the group’s needs. Moreover, while guiding everyone through a yoga session. she offers comments and relevant remarks that resonate and connect with our lives outside. Liat is a teacher of yoga as well as of life.”

Ella poni